Monday, December 7, 2009

Zoey's Kitchen - Special Gluten Free Edition!

Greetings everyone!

Things have been pretty boring in Zoey's Kitchen lately and even when we have tried new recipes I haven't had the energy to photograph them.

We had some family visit and that was wonderful. Everyone loves seeing baby Zoey (and Zoey herself) and I think that baby Zoey loves all the activity.

Unfortunately baby Zoey has started getting a rash. We took her to the doctor today and the doctor thinks that she may have some skin eczema (ugh). He said that often eczema is the result of a dietary allergy and asked about baby's Zoey diet. Well, since baby Zoey is breastfed we ended up talking about me.

Turns out our pediatrician recommends the China Study diet to all his patients (pretty cool, huh?) so once he knew that I try to follow that diet already milk and eggs were out as possible causes.

** This is an aside, but I have found it pretty interesting that whenever there is an issue with a baby, doctors and lactation consultants tell you to cut out dairy. Even my neighbor who LOVES dairy and eats all sorts of animals came over to talk to me and suggested that I cut dairy out of my diet even though that is super hard to do <-- her words, not mine. **

Anyway, it went something like this:

milk? No
eggs? No
nuts? Very rarely
wheat gluten? *cringe* Yes, lots of wheat. Sprouted bread toasted is my go-to snack these days. I am a big fan of all things grain so there is definitely plenty of it in my diet. Or should I say- there WAS plenty of it in my diet.

Just for fun (and for baby Zoey's health) I am going to stop the gluten for now. My doctor asked if I was willing to give it a try and I was all over it. He said that it would be very restrictive but that I was probably used to that already. (Am I the only vegan who doesn't think that my diet is restrictive? If anything I think I eat much healthier and have more variety now than at any other time in my life).

I can still eat all the beans, rice, vegetables and fruits I want. And maybe quinoa- I need to look that one up. I can live without bread so don't expect any crazy gluten-free baking going on around here. If you have any tips for gluten-free eating I would love to hear them.

And while I do hope that baby Zoey's rash heals up quickly, I hope that wheat isn't the culprit because the truth is... I really will miss oatmeal.


Jeni Treehugger said...

Well in the land of vegan bloggers you're definitely in the best company for gluten free foods. Hope baby Zoeys rash clears up soon.

Allison said...

Closet reader here. :) I've never commented before. But, as someone who has had eczema all my life, I wanted to chime in. It's entirely possible that it's not diet-related at all. For me, they did all sorts of allergy testing and found that it's just seasonal--when the weather (and my house) is dry, my skin acts up. It goes away during the "wet months" of the summer. I hope that baby Zoey's case has a better solution, but just wanted to share my experience. Oh, and Aveeno lotion does wonders for soothing and healing my adult itches and bumps--maybe the baby Aveeno stuff would work for your babe? Good luck!

River - The Crafty Kook said...

I'm so sorry about poor baby Zoey's rash! Poor little thing, but she's lucky to have a mom that is willing so give up bread for her - that is the ultimate sacrifice! :-D

I hope her rash goes away soon, and that you can eat oatmeal again soon too!

Tough Cookie said...

Aww, I am so sorry to hear about baby zoey :-( I pray for her relief soon. I have cut out mostly everything but fruits, veggies, nuts, and seeds lately, and I love it! I feel great! Good luck!