Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Snowed In

Zoey is the most dedicated snow watcher in our house, but this storm is wearing her out. This is Zoey's favorite sleeping position when she is super tired and we refer to it as "the face plant". She starts out laying down with her head up and looking around. Then ever so slowly, it seems as if her nose gets heavier and heavier until it has landed directly in front of her with her forehead mashed on the ground. The whole process is very cute to watch but I think the still picture still captures how tiring it can be to be a kitten sometimes.

So what snow has she been watching so diligently?

Here it is: day 11 of snow in the rainy city and we are officially out of produce in Zoey's kitchen which has made cooking a little less exciting. Zoey's dad is planning a trip to the grocery store later today to pick up some essentials (KALE) and I am hoping that works out because I am getting a little tired of pasta and cous cous. Granted, we have enough grains and beans to last about a month but I am craving fresh produce like crazy.

The funny thing is that when we heard a storm was coming 12 days ago, the only "essential items" I thought to pick up at the store were items for holiday baking. In my defense the storm was only supposed to last 2 days and yet, it continues on. So the only "green" I have eaten in the past 24 hours are these cookies:

By Montana standards, I might consider this a normal winter day, but here in Oregon there is no hope of getting out until it melts.


Tara said...

I adore the kitty face plant! Sorry about the storm and being without fresh produce. I hope you get fresh leafy greens soon!

River said...

Your cookies are so pretty! Zoey is the cutest sleeper ever! Her head is really buried in there!

Bethany said...

when you said rainy city and snowed in, I thought you meant Seattle. I live about a 40 min drive from Seattle and have been trapped too.

I'm not completely stir crazy, but getting there...

I love the face plant. my cats do that once in a while and it is so cute.

Love the sugar cookies! very nice colors and decorating.

Tara said...

Hi Zoey! I hope you aren't still snowed in! I did make that blog private, but if you'd like to view it you can send your e-mail to me and I'll put you on "the list." :)

Sanja said...

I definitely need some kale too! And spinach. And really dark green lettuce...

Your cookies look so pretty!

Jeni Treehugger said...

Bless little Zoey.
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year.
Here's wishing you health, happiness and laughter for 2009.