Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pretzels (2)

Better than a kitten in a thunderstorm, I have a secret appliance. A bread-maker! As I mentioned in my first pretzel post, I have never had an opportunity to kneed bread before, and so as my model I did what Zoey does with her paws right before taking a nap. I figured it had to be called "kneading the dough" for some reason.

Well, my last pretzels were a little hard to roll into ropes for shaping and after some internet searches I learned that part of my problem may have been insufficient kneading. So, I'm not sufficient. That hurts. And then I remembered that I had a bread maker- that thing can knead dough like nobody's business!

So I pulled it out and put together my pretzel mix. I still went with the basic pretzel recipe from the Healthy Heart Handbook except this time I used whole wheat pastry flour instead of just whole wheat flour. An hour and a half later, I have a blob of dough like this:

This stuff was a dream to roll out and I think the pretzels looked a little prettier too. I also bought some coarse salt this weekend so I sprinkled some of that on top. I am going for the total pretzel effect here!

I also made some heart shaped pretzels and sprinkled them with some cinnamon. The cinnamon rationing is over- I bought bulk cinnamon on sale for 50 cents, hooray! The cinnamon pretzels were very tasty.

If you are going to make these, I recommend the whole wheat pastry flour and either a bread-maker or a dedication to bread kneading.

Zoey did all the kneading she could handle and was glad to have the bread-maker take over the job. All that work makes her a sleepy kitty.


Tara said...

Your pretzels look perfect! I love it when you post photos of the adorable Zoey!

just me said...

perfect pretzels!! makes me want one! too bad i stink at kneading and don't have a bread maker!

Sanja said...

They look so pretty!

Jeni Treehugger said...

They look good!
Zoey looks like she's had a busy day!
Se's sooo cute.

River said...

Your pretzels look absolutely perfect and carboholic friendly! YAY!! Awesome kneading job!
Zoey is so adorable, she looks so sleepy and cute there!